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Organics Today Farm offers Field Trips for Schools and Groups. 

Our 1 hour walking tour will educate,inspire,entice and relax

groups of any size and age !

We use several “Green” practices such as:

Companion Planting, Perimeter herb and flower planting,

Recycling, Composting, Solar Power,Rain Water Holding, the use of Beneficial Insects and Birds, Green House Growing,Maple Syrup Extraction and Honey Bee Pollination.

We would like to invite your classroom or group to  come to the Farm for a 60 minute walk- thru tour and seminar.

The Students will learn :

  How to make soil naturally (composting)
  What plants attract beneficial insects and repel non beneficial insects      and their importance
  How to attract beneficial Birds and their importance
  The effect of Climate Change to Farmers in Long Island

 What are companion plants and their benefits
  A demonstration and explanation of the importance of Solar power
  The application and importance of Recycling
  The harmful effects of using Chemical Pesticides and Fertilizers                  The Use and benefits of Honey Bees (demonstration) 

 How to grow plants in a Green House.

 Planting Demonstration and Q & A


The cost per person is $5.00

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