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Fruit Bearing Trees                                                                                  Grape Vines

Persimmon Trees                                                                           Cabernet Sauvignon                Marquis

ButterNut Trees                                                                             Cabernet Franc                        Mars

Fig Trees                                                                                          Cayuga                                      Niagra

                                                                                                           Chambourcin                           Reliance

Fruit Bearing Bushes & Plants                                     Chardonnay                             Riesling

Strawberry Bushes (everbearing)                                                Concord                                    Sangiovese

Patriot Blueberry Bushes                                                               Frontenac                                Seyval Blanc

                                                                                                           Himrod                                     Vanessa

Deciduous Trees                                                                

Japanese White Spire Birch Trees                                               

White Spruce Trees

Black Walnut Trees

Gray Dogwood Trees

Theves Poplar Trees

ButterNut Trees

Persimmon Trees

Red Oak Trees

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