Reasonably  high income in proportion to the amounts being played and the limits of reinstatement


Here we can also apply the parallelism of the insurance company. Would you ensure your home with an insurer that, on an annual basis, charges less money than your home is worth? Most likely not. If the house burned you, the insurer would not have money to pay you and you would be forced to sue it. It is possible that this will lead to bankruptcy and you will be left without being paid.

With online casinos, the same thing happens. If you win a large amount of money in a small casino, this would suffer a serious cash flow problem. In this case, the casino would be doomed to act dishonestly and, in the worst case, the casino could go bankrupt. Therefore, it is not about the casino is honest or not; it’s a matter of money, simply.


The casino offers your favorite games

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