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Quantity         Price                     Shipping

 1                  $25.00                $20.00          

 2                  $50.00               $20.00


 4                        $100.00                  $25.00


10                       $200.00                 $35.00



Our Fig trees are very healthy and thriving in high quality soil and removed only when your order is picked (as a result of this method they are highly resistant to disease and harmful insects).   

You end up getting a tree of the highest quality.

Potted Fig trees are shipped all year round in the southern U.S. and spring to fall in the northern U.S 

Bare root Fig trees are shipped in the spring only     

We cannot ship to Post Office Boxes and All orders require a telephone number

1 to 1  1/2 feet tall (shipped in 4.5 " pots)

Quantity         Price                       Shipping

 1                      $12.00                       $10.00         


 2                       $22.00                     $12.00


 4                       $40.00                     $15.00


 10                     $95.00                     $30.00

2  to 2 1/2 feet tall (shipped bare root)
Fig Trees

The fig is a picturesque ,self polinating ,fruit bearing, tree, that typically grows to a height of 10 - 30 ft. Their branches are muscular and twisting, spreading wider than they are tall. They sometimes bear fruit the first year. The fruit is sweet and has many health benefits.