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Fruit Bearing Trees
Fruit Bearing

Program B

This Program allows the Volunteer to take advantage of the Seasonal Produce pick-up Plan at a discount price of $450.00 with 50 hours of flexibly scheduled Volunteer Hours with in specific time slots



Program C

This is a "Work for Food Program"

We hope that you take this Program Seriously and treat it with the same importance as your Career .

Being on time is critical . Each person scheduled will have a specific role and arriving late may result in putting us and your co-Volunteers behind.

 The work can be hard and tedious so please be prepared.

All of your questions will be answered when we meet.

Participation in the Program will Guarantee that you recieve an Abundance of fresh Organic Produce weekly,Work in a Healthy Environment that will enhance your Health, Learn how a Small Farm Operates, be awarded a Certificate of Completion when finished and have LOTS of fun


Organics Today Farm Volunteer Program

                       (All Programs benefit the community by enabling us to offer

                                      Fresh Picked, Organic Produce at a Low price)                                                                                   

Field Trips

Decidious Trees
Deciduous Trees

Raw Honey
Bamboo Tomato Stakes
Fresh Oranically Grown Produce for Restaurants
Fresh Organically
Grown Produce
Berry Bushes
Fruit Bearing   Plants
Grape Vines
Grape Vines
Related Books
Related Books

Program C Schedule
This schedule will be created based on the Volunteers availability
All regular season work consists of Planting seeds, seedlings, light weeding and misc. tasks

Hours are subject to change

Program A

This Program allows the Volunteer to stop by at anytime,contributing as few or as many Hours as desired.

(no set schedule is required)